About Intalex

Intalex offers high “business fit” software solutions for clients. We do this by taking the time to really understand the problem to be solved. By accurately modelling the software around the business problem, the client is able to move at a faster pace with more consistency.

At Intalex we believe that we are responsible for delivering a high quality product in time and on budget. If a project doesn't work as the client expects then we take the responsibility for ensuring it does.

Intalex aims to not reinvent components for every project. When broken into the right size chunks, software can be built up like bricks, with many bricks being reusable across projects. More reuse means shorter turnaround, lower cost and higher quality.

Core Values

  • Predictable - A project should cost what it was promised
  • Timely - A project delivered late is sub-par, we strive to ensure this does not happen
  • Reuse - Reduced waste, through better code reuse
  • Responsibility - Buggy code is the developers responsibility
  • Accurate modelling of the business problem.
  • Premium quality, best-in-class product and best-practise techniques.
  • Integrity


Provide best-in-class tailored business software solutions.

Continual research and development to find the best solutions and make them available to as many people/companies as possible.

Reduce waste in software development industry. Reduce single-use software.

Make the process of developing a software application an enjoyable experience (from a customer perspective)

Provide a top class working environment for staff and contractors so they can enjoy their craft, offer a premium work/life balance and improve their skillset