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Intalex Optimised

Does your website underperform?

Our web development team can optimise your website and theme. We assess each website according to a detailed checklist for optimisation opportunities.

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We understand that delivering a product in a predictable timeline is important. We keep our module sizes small and plan our development timeline carefully to allow our solutions to be delivered on time.


Along with keeping to a timeframe we understand that cost blow-outs are unacceptable. We use fixed pricing, where possible, to allow your business to depend on a project and be predictable. We include our Gobbledygook guarantee with all our products to ensure that the software delivered to you works as you expect.



We understand that in this modern age of technology it is common for a business to have a technology team, whether it be employed software developers or a third party software development company. We look for ways to compliment and partner with existing teams to allow parallel development to enable better productivity.

Microservices are a fantastic way to allow separate teams to work in parallel. They also allow a complete mix of technologies which reduces the need for all team members to have near identical knowledge of a software project. This in turn also reduces the need to coordinate large sweeping changes that make current working systems error prone and brittle.



By delivering solutions in a timely and predictable manner, risk is reduced. Our fixed pricing provides a hard limit to the costs of a project which contains the risk for your company.



Modular Component Architecture

Our microservice platform can accelerate your web development. A solution using microservices consists of creating a custom unique front-end user interface with many microservices providing the back-end business logic.

Utilizing pre-existing microservices speeds up time-to-market, increases reliability and ultimately reduces cost. The business fit is high because the integration between the modules is customised to suit your business.

Pre-built Microservices Custom Microservices