Developing a custom application is expensive and time-consuming. At Intalex we believe that not enough software is re-used in the software development industry. There are many reasons for this, from technology mis-match, eg different programming language, to packaged solutions which only partially work as required.

At Intalex we have developed a range of products to suit different integration levels. Our pre-built software packages are generic and are designed to be integrated at different levels in a project.

Highly flexible modular microservices platform


Our microservice platform is a midway point between the high flexibility of generic code libraries, and a finished software application. By using our microservices you are not locked into using the same technologies or design patterns and still retain the flexibility of building your application the way you require.

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Code Libraries

A framework of guiding development principals to enhance the development of software projects. These libraries increase productivity by giving structure to the development of a project and removing lots of boiler-plate code.

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Intalex provides affordable ready-made software solutions. Our software applications are created with scalability in mind allowing them to grow with your business. At Intalex, we understand that not all ready-made software is suitable for every business or organisation, contact us to discuss how we can customise our solutions to suit you best.

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