Pre-built modular microservices

Modular Service System

Many software systems share common features and functions. Why reinvent the wheel? We have many pre-built microservices which perform common services and allow customisation to fit many different workflows.

Using pre-built microservices saves time, saves money and increases reliability. These pre-built microservices offer a lot of flexibility by allowing different combinations of microservices to be 'mixed-n-matched' to provide a good business fit. Sometimes the business logic required is unique and a combination of pre-built and custom microservices is more suitable.

Microservices are perfect development tool for cloud apps. Well architected cloud apps are designed to be distributed and this makes integration with our microservice platform a breeze. All major cloud hosting providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure support microservices using Docker and Kubernetes.

Services are containerised micro-services (usually Docker images)

Primarily served as web APIs delivered over HTTP

Each micro-service publishes events which facilitate Event Driven Architecture (EDA)

Services are designed to be flexible to suit specific customer requirements

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Embedded components

Each modular service has pre-built web components that can be dropped into any website

Components built for

Components have both UI display and API client modules

System Architecture

Services are designed to be

  • Cloud-native
  • Clustered for fault tolerance
  • Scalable
  • Tolerant of other failed systems (micro-services)

Microservice Benefits

There are many benefits for using a microservice architecture, including:

  • Provides a solid module boundary therefore strengthening the modular structure.
  • Are able to use multiple languages, development frameworks and data-storage technologies.
  • They are primarily served as web API’s that are delivered over HTTP.
  • Publish events which facilitate Event Driven Architecture (EDA)
  • Designed in a way to be flexible enough to suit specific customer requirements.
  • With security at the forefront of every company's mind, microservices allow you to isolate sensitive data thereby adding additional security.