Customised systems from microservices

Micro-Service System

Does your software development team struggle to keep pace with feature requests? We can help.

We can help deliver functionality through microservices to keep your development team moving.

Our microservices expose HTTP based API’s utilizing RESTful architecture. Your development team are free to use any programming language to interact with them.

Each microservice includes an OpenAPI specification for documentation. This enables rapid adoption by your development team.

With microservice architecture it is common to 'mix-n-match' pre-built microservices and custom microservices.


API client adapter code can be supplied for various popular frameworks

System Architecture

Services are

  • Cloud-native
  • Clustered for fault tolerance
  • Scalable
  • Tolerant of other failed systems

Microservice Benefits

There are many benefits for using a microservice architecture, including:

  • Provides a solid module boundary therefore strengthening the modular structure.
  • Are able to use multiple languages, development frameworks and data-storage technologies.
  • Microservices come with RESTful API’s delivered over HTTP.
  • Publish events which help Event Driven Architecture (EDA)
  • Designed in a way to be flexible enough to suit specific customer requirements.
  • Security is at the forefront of every company's mind. Microservices allow you to isolate sensitive data thereby adding extra security.

Typical Custom Microservices

PDF Manipulation

We can develop a microservice to access a PDF file, add some text, rotate a page and change the document size.

Legacy System Wrapper

Often legacy systems read and write XML files to a file system. We can build a microservice that extends this file-system based API to a HTTP based RESTful API.

Log file interpreter

Many manufacturing machines output some form of log file. We can develop a microservice to interpret these log files and make them accessible. The service can ingest these log files, interpret them and provide a HTTP based RESTful API.

Timing System

We can create a microservice as a wrapper for a Tag Heuer timing system via serial.